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How it Works

TripCompanion is a travel companion website provides a peer-to-peer matching service. We connect travelers needing extra assistance with caring fellow passengers who escort them through the entire air journey.

Have parents visiting the USA soon? Try Us!

We find caring adults to help you, who are already planning to travel to the same destination.

You find companions based on your preferences like language or gender.

You travel with confidence and less stress while your TripCompanion leads the way.

Trust And Safety are #1

Our travel companions are trustworthy. You may optionally request and pay for a USA background check on the Companion (refundable if the companion fails the background check or companion cancels the trip). Companions follow our TripCompanion service quality guidelines prior to meeting and assisting a traveler from airport to airport.

Optional Background Check

Service Quality Guidelines

How does payment work?

Service Fees

When agreement is reached, the traveler prepays the service fee into escrow.

Secure, Cash-free Payments

Travelers and companions manage payments through a secure, digital payment system. Cash is not exchanged.

Administration Fees

The administration fee is included in the Service Fee. Upon trip completion, the companion will be paid the net amount after deducting the TripCompanion administration fee. The administration fee allows us to provide services for you.

Cancellation policy

Travelers and companions can cancel an awarded trip up to two weeks before departure. A traveler who cancels in less than two weeks will forfeit 25% of the deposit.


Rakesh was my TripCompanion on my flight home from San Francisco to Mumbai. We flew on Emirates with a three hour transit in their hub in Dubai. I was very glad to have Rakesh with me from the check-in counter, through security and boarding.

I had no stress at all during the Dubai transit, with Rakesh around. Even though I'm fluent in English and I am used to flying, with Rakesh as my TripCompanion meant I could relax and 'let him do the driving'.

We arrived at Mumbai and of course an extra pair of hands was most helpful dealing with the luggage. It was a pleasant flight, and I am already looking forward to my next trip visiting my son and San Francisco again.