How TripCompanion works

Publish Your Trip

- Provide your itinerary

- Select services

- Select your preferences

Trip Dashboard

View all your trips at a glance.

From here, you can:

- Edit trip details

- Interview and hire trip companion

- Send messages to the group

- Get notified about important trip updates

Browse Matches

Read the postings of matched flight companions and bookmark your favorite candidates.

Send messages to interview each candidate about:

- Date, airline and flight itinerary

- Special assistance needs

- Companion’s travel experience

- Background check (optional)

Hiring & Payments

Prepare to hire your travel companion and finalize trip details like services needed, airline and itinerary.

USA Background Check is available for an additional fee at final checkout.

Your prepaid service fee is held in escrow until the trip has been completed.

Group Chats

Use group chat to keep in touch with everyone throughout the trip. Be sure to finalize flight logistics, airport meet-up location and any other trip details.

Pre-flight Logistics

If you purchased a background check, wait until after the results are in to purchase your plane ticket.

Be sure to verify and confirm flight ticket information by uploading a photo of your ticket for everyone in the group to see.


After escorting traveler to their greeting party, the flight companion will update the trip as completed. The traveler/planner will then approve payment and provide feedback based on their overall experience.

TripCompanion welcomes you and hopes your travel with us is a great one.