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Here at TripCompanion, we strive to take the stress and the legwork out from having to plan a trip.We understand traveler behavior, expectations and what works for a comfortable tour. We personally inspect and curate our trips to bring you the best experience.

Our mission is to illustrate and share with you imperative influences and traditions that make up each country’s culture and heritage. We are trying to bring back what may have been lost, and the origins of old traditions which are fading today.


The TripCompanion Team

We are an experienced product development team led by Juliet Chu, a seasoned Health IT executive and serial entrepreneur.

We love seeing the world and getting together with our families, and want to help you do the same.

Juliet Chu


A serial entrepreneur specializing in developing tour and travel packages for seniors. Juliet is also a seasoned Health IT executive in the medical device industry. She was bitten by a travel bug after traveling abroad for high school, and has visited more than 25 countries.

Favorite travel destinations: Paris, France/ Penang, Malaysia/ Kerala, India

Rudra Singh

Head of Software Development

An experienced software engineer and leader specializing in mobile, server and communications technology development. Rudra is widely known not only for his technical skills but for his focus on customer needs and  friendly, helpful demeanor. Rudra is a first generation immigrant from India who has traveled many times to escort his family to the USA for family visits.

Favorite travel destinations: Honolulu, Hawaii/ Varanasi, India, Goa, India

Sandeep Talwar

Head of Marketing & Product Development

Sandpeep is an ICTA Certified Travel Consultant with over 40 years of international marketing and sales experience in the travel industry, encompassing airline operations, tour operators, corporate and leisure travel agency management.

Favorite travel destinations: Paris/Maldives/Bombay (Mumbai)

Sohoni Das


An experienced technical writer and also actively blogs about travel and Asian culture. Being a parent she has first hand knowledge of traveling with children and is not shy to share her experience with Internet users. Sohoni calls the San Francisco bay area home.

Favorite travel destinations: Los Angeles, USA/Goa, India/Hyderabad, India